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Estimate Generation

Costing for Web and App Development

How big is your Application?


4-5 Key Feature Pages.


6-9 Key Feature Pages.


10-15 key Feature Pages.

Users and Accounts

Email/ Password Sign Up

User sign up and login with email and password.

Third Party Login

Sign up/login with facebook, google, etc. accounts.

User Invitation Emails

New users can be invited via emails.

Multi-tenant Accounts

Account based signups, each with their own administrators and users

User Generated Content


Usually the first thing a logged in user sees. May summarize data and perharps show graphs and notices.

Activity Feed

Shows what the user has been up to recently.

File Uploading

Users can upload files (images, pdfs, etc.).

User Profiles

Users can have their own page with a customizable profile.


Categorize information to find them easier.

Free Text searching

Giving users the ability to do generic site searches.


Allows for restaurant/product and customer satisfaction reviews.

Dates/ Locations


Display and capture of data in calender format.

Display of map data/Geolocation

Display a map with data points.


Selecting dates, managing capacity etc.



Users direct message eachother or contribute to chatrooms.

Forums or Commenting

Expansive forum functionality.


Shopping Cart

Users browse and add products to a cart.

Payment Processing

You will process payments from users and manage refunds etc.

Subscription plans

Customer Pay at regular intervals.

Product Management

Ability to manage product listings and data.

Admin and Analytics

CMS Integration

A content management system would allow editing of key parts the static content without developer intervention.

Usage Analytics

Find out where your users come from and how they use your app.

User Admin Pages

Account administrators would be able to list/add/remove/suspend users.

Moderation /Content Approval

Administers review content submitted by users.

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Developer Days: 0